Lovelies Brand Identity

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  • The Creation of Lovelies

    A complete brand identity for Lovelies which is a company that in the near future I would love to start. Lovelies would be a company that specializes in taking old pieces of furniture, and totally changing the look, making the piece feel new. Not only working with customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for to fit their home, Lovelies helps keep old furniture out of landfills and helps people remember that everything can be beautiful.

    What I really wanted to communicate through Lovelies brand is the idea of handmade and/or hand crafted. Certain pieces in the brand have stitching around edges, and hand collage details, reminding customers that this brand is focused on detail and making it different than the rest. Below is an idea of what Lovelies Brand would look like, including; hand sewn bags to hold holiday senders, and all season senders, business cards, different ways labels could be shown on Lovelies merchandise, paint cans, custom creation cards, hang tags, stamps, sand paper, and little wood decals for furniture.