• A series of illustrations and lettering for branding, commissioned by a network cafes. 
    The brief included development of logo, stationary, wall art for cafe nooks, menus, table toppers, napkins, cups, take-away packaging, etc.
    Theme - love and lovers through the ages.
  • Wall art. Lovers through the ages.
  • Logo, initial lettering options
  • Series of emblems for napkins, table toppers and take-away packaging. There are 7 emblems, but the captions vary to produce numerous combinations. Each emblem is constructed in such a way as to suit several captions. For instance, the last of these three suits:
    "Love heals"
    "Love soothes"
    "Love hurts" etc.
  • Another example of toying with captions. The last emblem here suits
    "Love lights the way"
    "Love gives wings"
    "Love wins all" etc.
  • Love wins all. Love to you all:)
    Thank you for wantching.
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