Louis Vuitton: Journey - Angie Everhart

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  • LV Journey - Angie Everhart
    Two weeks prior to giving birth...
  • My dear friend Angie Everharthas been a long time Louis Vuitton fan, as I. Sitting in her living room a few weeks prior to her delivery, I created the concept based on the wonderful LV ad campaign and her three LV cases that sit displayed in her house.  
    As a photographer and image consultant, having worked for Saatchi & Saatchi as well as behind the lens, I have acquired the background to balance branding ideas with creative execution and found inspiration in Bernard Arnault's words of promoting creative works and efforts.  As such, I barely got this image, which took place less than two weeks before Kayden Everhart entered the world.  It was such a subtle but powerful message of leaving for the hospital to deliver life that I thought it a perfect fit in the world of the beautiful imagery LV creates that resolves the need for travel in style. And what could be more profound. 
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