Lost in Transition

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  • Lost in TransitionA work in progress
  • “Fallen souls, drifters, the wasted, the waiting and the collapsed, the cheated potential, the hidden materials -from these make heroic and hopeful events. From trash and ephemera make history.”
    Phil Smith
    From ‘Mythogeography: A Guide to Walking Sideways’.

    The global imperative towards economic growth generates an appetite for things we do not need, things which consume resources, wreck the environment, erase history and
    unsettle our peace of mind.

    As a result we are faced with rapid changes in a land we feel increasingly detached from,
    cut off from the thread of our memories of what was home not long ago -
    changes which we seem to have minimal influence over.

  • Right in the middle of the city, behind the bustling streets and shiny malls, in the wayside
    scrub lie shabby nooks and crannies – temporary faultlines between former places and places-to-be – ephemeral spaces which paradoxically radiate a prehistoric and timeless atmosphere.

    Despite being by-products of urban construction, they seem to resist being a functioning part of an exponentially accelerated system of economic utilisation.

    Their beauty originates from the lack of use; their lure is the refusal of vociferous persuasion. They resemble virgin nature, with no use for human exploitation and no maintenance... they are simply existing.

    In the future, when nearly everything has been flattened and streamlined into a simulacra of reality, they will embody the impulse for alternatives.