Lost Girl - Interactive Motion Comic

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  • This is a 6-chapter prequel motion comic to the Lost Girl tv show that aired during the series' first season that was nominated a Gemini for Best in Crossover Platform [Fiction].
    The prequel functions as a transmedia joint project by Prodigy Pictures and Bedlam Ink to further develop the Lost Girl show's canon by depicting events leading up to the first episode. Bedlam Ink was also responsible for the pre-production art that helped shape the initial visual concept of the show.

    The chapters shown here are versions with the interactive segments captured by our flash programmer and interaction designer Paul Forest.
    Credits listed at the very bottom.
  • Chapter One: "Feed"
    Chapter Two: "Leftovers"
    Chapter Three: "Futakuchi-Onna"
    Chapter Four: "Dead Leads"
    Chapter Five: "Inhuman"
    Chapter Six: "Reset"
    Credits --- 

    Script: Navid Khavari

    Digital Lineart/Storyboard Layouts/Lettering: Tigh Walker

    Sequential Colours/Lettering/Story Reel/Compositing/Animation/SFX: Jessie Lam

    Flash Programming and Interactive Design: Paul Forest [ep 2 & on]

    Music composition/Sound Design/Story Reel: Brian Shelton


    Additional credits ---

    Character voices:
    Soundalikes were used in place of the main actors due to availability restrictions, full list pending

    Compositing/Flash Programming: Stephan Tanguay [Ep 1]

    Compositing/animation: Greg Nersesian [Ep 1]

    BG layouts/Sequential Colours: 
    Paul Chou [ep 2]
    Brian Su [ep 2]
    Naeem Khavari [ep 2]