Lost Again on Waking

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  • Lost Again on Waking
  • Lost Again on Waking is a project I did with Edinburgh musician Euan McMeeken. It was released as limited edition of just 50 copies on Fluid Audio in July 2011.

    Lost Again on Waking features sets of photographs taken in Rothesay, Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Berwick, Scotland in 2009. Each set has 6 photographs taken with lensbaby lens.

    Inspired by the images, Euan wrote four pieces of ambient piano music. The songs were performed by Euan and James Scott (Conquering Animal Sound/The Japanese War Effort), mixed by James and then mastered by Fraser McGowan (Small Town Boredom/Caught In The Wake Forever).

    From Fluid Audio website:
    "Lost Again on Waking captures the simplistic beauty of the piano and merges it with atmospheric soundscapes and textures to create wistful memories of moments captured, never to be lost. Memories of time and place. Accompanying the wonderful photos of Heidi Kuisma, ‘Lost Again on Waking’ is a dreamlike journey exploring, through music, the images that we too often fail to share and the emotions that these moments generate."