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The story of the world's most at-risk seafood gatherers.
Los percebeiros de Laxe
In the small village of Laxe, located on the Northwest coast of Galicia (called Costa da Morte, Coast of Death), a small group of fishermen (40 men and 1 woman) dedicate their lives to hunting Percebes (Goose Barnacles), Spain's most expensive and sought after shellfish. These are probably the world's most at-risk seafood gatherers as due to the percebe's need for oxygen the highest quality ones grow on the most dangerous places and are most profitably harvested in the winter, when the supply is limited by the risks involved. 

This is the story of a few of these percebeiros during the month of December, the most crucial of the year for them. As Christmas approaches, prices get higher (a kg could be sold up to 180 euros) and higher as well as the waves they have to face daily.
The small village of Laxe, located on the Northwest coast of Galicia (called Costa da Morte, Coast of Death), bases its economy on percebes harvesting and other fishing-related activities.
The Coast of Death is one of the most dangerous places for fishing in the world.
8 am at the bar. It's the moment when the percebeiros discuss about the situation of the sea and how they can work that day.
Julio knows that another hard day of working is waiting him.
Julio (one of the most experienced percebeiros) is looking at the giant waves crashing on the rocks where he's going to fish in a while minutes before going hunting.
A perfect sample of percebe.
Not even the sea force eight and heavy rains can stop the percebeiros. Christmas time is too important for them.
Julio, exhausted, cleans a percebe.
Two percebeiros try to escape from a unexpected wave.

Feuto (a retired percebeiro) supervising his son. He couldn't stay calm at home when the conditions of the sea are so bad.
"Risking the life for 2 kg of percebes"
Due to the sea tides, sometimes the percebeiros need to harvest with artificial light.