• Loquor
    Interactive infographic installation
    Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
     Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith
    When: from March to May 2012
    Teammate: Ornella Giau, Martina Maitan, Fei Yu
    Technology involved: Processing, Adobe After Effect, OSC communication protocol and CYA People Vision

    Loquor (latin for “I talk”), is an interactive audiovisual installation and its main aim is breathe new life into he city, taking back in real time the special soundscape of the whole city of Venice.
    The City is modifying by the huge amount of turists, the citizen are escaping and more tourists are coming. Venice is being a funfair, where people don’t live the City, but they only visited it.
    To encourage people to take care to Venice, we develop an installation on the Campiello del Remer(a little square, close to Rialto bridge, easy to see from the Canal Grande, but hard to reach), here people can step on lights and listen the soundscape coming from a specific place of the City.

    How it works
    Light paths appear from the well, that is in the center of the campiello (typical venetian little square) and they move in different locations, when they arrive in a predeterminate position the light change form and become lighter. They indicate the location where in real time our system is capturing sounds, the path that they follow for coming in the actual position indicate real street of venice, the light behave as a fluid that want to reach a particular place and it moves on the streets.
    Once the light reach the position where the sound was captured it change its shape, and the people could walk on it and activate the sound stream. The sound came from the ground, from around the campiello as an echo of the City, that is coming from a different place to you, to the hearth of the city.