• LOOP FASHION 'Brand it' Project.

    My chosen word for this branding project was 'Immortality'. I have created a fashion brand based on the idea that fashion is 'Immortal' and constantly on a loop from generation to generation. The logo incorporates the infinity sign within the double 'o' discreetly to emphasize its meaning. Loop fashion consists of fashion  Loop fashion consists of fashion from the decades past and present. It is aimed at the free spirited young lady that loves to be individual and experiment with fashion. The idea of this brand is that women should have the opportunity to experiment with all styles past and present. Loop is a small chain of retail shops, that sells modern replicas of vintage clothing at affordable prices.

  • Logo Designs-
  • To 'package' the brand Loop, i resorted to the idea of making a Look book in the form of a vintage paper doll collection. As the Loop fashion brand is aimed at the free spirited young lady that loves to experiment with fashion, i thought this would be ideal! As Loop fashion consists of different decades of fashion, i have made a collection for each. The garments are taken from well known high-street retail shops such as topshop and Newlook- just to get a feel for what the lookbook would really look like. The idea is that the customer can simply pop out the doll/ garments and experiment with different outfits and styles of the past in a quirky, fun way. This would be given out as a promotional item or given to the customer when clothes are purchased in store. 
  • Paper doll packaging-
  • Paper doll and stand-
  • Selection of clothes and quirky hairstyles for paper doll. A page for each decade-
  • Presentation Boards-
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