Looksy Identity Development

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    Identity development & exploration for a social shopping concept.
  • Looksy promises to be a celebrity-driven shopping experience that let's you "dress like a celebrity without spending like one." That was my line. Pretty happy with it. Anyway, these are some presentation images and accompanying developments and explorations when working on this identity project.
  • Experimental iOS icon.
  • Usage in existing client-provided mobile header.
  • Faux landing page to present language and logo in-context.
  • The hand-drawn evolution of the mark. At one point I realized the "neck" of the L was useless.So in effect I decapitated the head.
  • A more simple type-driven solution, trying to appeal to a less fancy audience.
  • Early concept making a shopping bag out of a star. It didn't work.
  • Another simple type solution, this one with a cursive hand.