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  • We are an export-oriented company, we export 98% of our products. The main buyers are from EU countries France, Germany, Austria etc. Buyers from Slovenia represent only 2%.

    Why customers choose us?
    - from making a tool for injection,
    - making first samples with measurements,
    - searching technical solutions if necessary,
    - injecting quality plastic parts or series,
    - ensuring 100% control of plastic parts.

    We are looking for new business opportunities for our company...

    Bokri, d.o.o: http://eve-star.co.uk/bokri

  • We used combination jQuery Mobile, jQuery, Knockout.js, and JSON for mobile app Bokri, d.o.o. Is the latest technology for developing web mobile apps. First page is less than 150 kb and with clicking on buttons customer download content from server. Contact Eve Star for more information.