• Look Twice
    Gift books for graphic designers
  • Brief
    It is often accepted that compromising on creativity is simply a reality in commercial graphic design. With the aim of reinvigorating designers who feel they’ve made their fair share of compromises, I tasked myself with creating something to help designers think about their profession in a fresh way.
    The insight that guided my project was that inspiring designs make graphic designers look twice; engaging design catches their attention and reminds them of why they chose to be designers.
    My solution is a set of gift books aimed at graphic designers. Each book has a different core concept. But together, they seek to refresh graphic designers by demonstrating a designer’s power to make people look twice with type.

    Ampers& reinforces our obsession over an everyday glyph, while Graphic Games is a collection of childhood activities with a typographic twist. Designers ≠ Normal uses wordplays on graphic design jargon to create one big in-joke for designers.

    Done in 2011. Finalist in the Student category of New Zealand's Best Design Awards 2012.