London Riots (Hackney) 8/8/11

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  • London Riots (Hackney) 8/8/11
    Riot Fever
  • On my way back home I realised some unusual activity and confused/worried looks on people's faces. I look up and notice three helicopters flying near by. Once I reached home, I switched on the news and discovered that Riots broke loose in an area VERY close to me. First thought was to go and photograph of course!
  • Arrived at the scene. Police has a perimeter set up. You can see a smashed bus and a medic attending to an injured person. 
  • Is it safe yet?
  • Hackney Central
  • Mile End
    End of the road
  • Mare St.
  • Rioters cornered
  • Sorry, God is currently unavailable to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep!
  • OBEY!
  • Not the printer!
  • Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do? When they come for you?
  • Inside the smashed bus
  • The JD Sports Store was one of the first to get broken into at the beginning of the riot
  • The Locals!