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Diagrams Unit at uni where we had to design a map for the Olympic Park with a target audience of competing athletes
This uni brief asked us to design a map that would show all of the sites at the Olympic park in Stratford, with the target audience being athletes and competitors taking part in the games.

For my map I had to keep in mind that the users would be from many different nationalities. So to appeal to all audiences I made the map quite simple, only using 90º and 45º angles, and stuck to using colour and shape to differentiate between event locations and their facilities. I designed the size and shape so that the map could be easily portable.

In terms of a digital context I designed an iPhone app that would let the competitor choose their discipline and then get specialised information relating to their sport, including a route planner and event calendar.
Olympic Park Map design
Olympic Park physical map
Turkish fold to aid portability
Map opened out
Map detail
Map detail
Back of map
iPhone App: Language selection, Sport selection, Discipline selection
iPhone App: Main Menu, Digital map, Route Planner