London Farm Tower

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  • London, England
  • The overall theme of this proposal was its location in “Potters Fields Park”, the only green area along the Thames in London. Based on the competition guidelines the vision was to create a development which accentuates the park in its fall towards the Thames; in order to, create a rich and varied living and working environment, and to provide the city with a Vertical Farm Tower.
    At the same time it has been imperative that the building should not become an obstacle to the pedestrian activity and related functions of the area, but on the contrary should enhance the existing qualities of the site and emphasize its importance as an urban oasis close to the river. Thus, the overall design of the building allows it to touch down on the ground plane on two points. This configuration creates an open and transparent ground floor plan establishing the building’s placement along the river. A free flow walkway under the sculptural volume creates unique experience of the encounter of the water and functions as a soft threshold between the built up areas and the river.
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