London 2012 Rebrand

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  • This project was a rebranding of the London 2012 Olympic games. As the original brand sought to contain spirit and energy, I changed the logo and the look in general from its current logo to a more artistic, contemporary, and energetic look. 

    The logo also combines the Olympic games with the city of London itself by combining two recognizable aspects of each: the rings (of course) and the London Eye, London's second most recognizable landmark aside from Big Ben. 
  • The logo, combining the rings and London's famous London Eye.
  • The poster series. As the mark would be recognizable to most people, the copy is limited to a link to the website at the bottom of the poster. The imagery includes the logo and colorful, energetic backgrounds to match.

    (Bonus info - the backgrounds are monoprints made by myself with ink and mineral spirits)
  • An animated version of the logo.