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  • Logos

    A collection of more recent work and some older stuff I've found on my hard drive.
  • Accentrik.
    A logo for a design studio name I use to by.
  • Accentrik Icon
  • Brothers Tocho Team
    A logo for a flag football team my friends started in last year.
  • Brothers Tocho Team
    Another proposal.
  • Café Buen Día
    A proposal for a Café that never saw the light of day.
  • Campus Magazine
    A logo masthead for Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad Juarez's magazine
  • La Casita Cocina Express
    A proposal for a restaurant that also never saw the light of day
  • Dj Chloe Harris
    This was for a flyer design.
  • Complemento
    Proposals for a dating service.
  • Cruz de Gracia
    A logo design for a local church. Have to admit this one was quite difficult to do.
  • Enmarcuadros
    They do creative and meaningful art frames.
  • Gabriel i
    A logo for my friend Dj Gabriel Izarraraz
  • Greta Pravda
    This one was done for a dear friend of mine that passed away.
  • Club de Futbol Indios
    My city's First Division soccer team has a really sucky logo, so I decided to pitch a few proposals.
  • Lun.Atic Studio
    This is a logo done for a friend's design agency.
  • Marco & Martha
    A monogram for my friends wedding.
  • MoviQuotes
    A logo for a website about movie quotes.
  • Nvy Magazine
    A logo done for a magazine I use to do.
  • Terrarum
    A logo done for a web hosting service
  • Terrarum