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  • Logos,
    playing with typography and negative space...
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  • Playing with number 3
    Example of how type can change "personality"... With different fonts and negative space...
    It's on purpose that I have not added more details...
  • Endurance Shoes
  • Little kid
  • Vehicle Access
  • Animal | Playing With Type
    Letters 'M', 'A' used to form the animal and 'L' for its tail.
  • Toothbrush Art
  • Mask | Playing With Type.
    A new version of Mask logo! Rotation of the letter "a" to form the mask
    (for those who have not noticed)
  • Lab Open | Playing with negative space.
    White dots represent the wrists of the doors. It's on purpose that I have not added more details
    to the doors... I wanted the logo to be as minimalist as possible.
  • Surf Shirt
  • Neanderthal Wine
    For those who have not noticed it, (because there are),
    the bottle which represents wine is between the legs. 
  • Zip Wine
  • Runner Winner
  • Bear Quotes