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A collection of logos done throughout the years. Presented in black & white.
A collection of logos through the years. Presented in black & white.
Logo for a book dedicated to Five Points Bakery in Buffalo, NY. 2015.
Logo for Buffalo State Art Conservation - Paper Majors, Class of 2016. 2015.
Branding for a bakery in Santa Monica, CA specializing in madeleines. 2014.
Rebrand for Highcliffe Clothiers, a clothing store specializing in classic styles and custom tailored suits. Located in Middleburg, VA. View project. 2014.
Logo for Page, an atmospheric dream rock band in Honolulu. 2013.
Concept logo for Buho, a Mexican restaurant in Waikiki. 2013.
Logo for AIGA Hawaii's 5-O 2013 Award Show. View project. 2013.
Rebrand for Tori Richard, a resort lifestyle company established in Honolulu, Hawaii. View project. 2013.
Brue Bar is a coffee shop located in downtown Honolulu. View project. 2013.
Sandy's is a Southern California restaurant featuring cuisine inspired by regional cuisine. View project. 2013.
Concept branding for Tucker & Bevvy, a picnic food store in Waikiki featuring Sydney-inspired cuisine. View project. 2013.
Logo for ‘Ike: Knowledge is Everywhere, a documentary about education in Hawaii, and the sequel to Ola. 2014.
Logo for Ola, a documentary about health care in Hawaii. View project. 2013.
Breadshop is a specialty bread shop in Honolulu. View project. 2012.
Redrawing of the 1964 classic Ilikai logo. View project. 2012.
Concept logo for the city of Kapolei referencing the city's region on the westside of Oahu. 2012.
Branding for a jewelry maker in Kapahulu, Hawaii. View project. 2012.
Ferguson's Irish Pub, an Irish pub located in Honolulu. View project. 2012.
Concept logo for a Make-a-Wish Foundation project to create fun, sun-safe hats. 2012.
Logo for the Omidyar Fellows, a leadership development program started by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. 2012.
Logo for the twentieth anniversary of Wall-to-Wall Studios. 2012.
Concept logo for Honolulu Museum of Art's Artists of Hawaii. 2009.
Logo for a Japanese restaurant in Downtown, Honolulu. View project. 2008. 
Logo for Hank's Haute Dog. Additional design by Jesse Arneson. 2008.
Concept logo for The Mob Museum. 2008.
Amuse Wine Bar in the Honolulu Design Center. 2007.
Hawai‘i Primary Care Association (HPCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering primary health care for all Hawai'i residents. 2011.
‘Ulu‘ulu is the federally-funded state site archiving Hawaiian culture. 2011.
Interisland Terminal is an organization dedicated to presenting innovative and high quality exhibits of Contemporary Art, Design and Film to Honolulu. 2009.
Concept logo for Tissue Genesis, a cell therapy and regenerative-medicine company based in Honolulu. 2009.
Zoombis is a Print-on-Demand company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. 2009.
Cerebellum Capital is a hedge fund management firm located in San Francisco. 2008.
Concept logo for a jewelry store located in Honolulu. 2011.
Logo for a photo collective. 2009.
Logo design for Axis, the University of Hawaii's 2006 BFA Show. 2006.
Logo for my wife. The arrow featured is a whistling arrow used to communicate back in feudal Japan. The arrow references her middle name "Yumi" which is Japanese for an archery bow. 2012.