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A collection of logos done throughout the years. Presented in black & white.
A collection of logos through the years. Presented in black & white.
Logo for a book dedicated to Five Points Bakery in Buffalo, NY. 2015.
Logo for Buffalo State Art Conservation - Paper Majors, Class of 2016. 2015.
Branding for a bakery in Santa Monica, CA specializing in madeleines. 2014.
Rebrand for Highcliffe Clothiers, a clothing store specializing in classic styles and custom tailored suits. Located in Middleburg, VA. View project. 2014.
Logo for Page, an atmospheric dream rock band in Honolulu. 2013.
Branding for a jewelry maker in Kapahulu, Hawaii. View project. 2012.
Logo for a photo collective. 2009.
Logo design for Axis, the University of Hawaii's 2006 BFA Show. 2006.
Logo for my wife. The arrow featured is a whistling arrow used to communicate back in feudal Japan. The arrow references her middle name "Yumi" which is Japanese for an archery bow. 2012.