Logos and Identity

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  • Logos and Identity
    A small selection of basic logos
  • Red Baron Spice Rub

    Full logo and package design for and Etsy start-up selling spice rub.
  • The Purusha Seva Project

    The Purusha Seva Project's mission is to teach people who are faced with personal challenges the full potential within themselves; to guide and educate individuals in their pursuit of a healthy and happy lifestyle that will ultimately sustain and empower their own true self, as well as their communities.

    They needed a logo for the project but are on a limited budget. On a pro bono basis, I produced a slate of three logo options for them to choose from.
  • The Purusha Seva Project indicated they like trees, but rather than draw a tree (which dominate the green movement) I created a stylized tree pose figure.
  • The most overtly "yoga" logo that I produced for The Purusha Seva Project features a "rising" flower and two figures in upward dog pose.
  • This logo displays the seven Chakra symbols in a cluster.
  • Project Angel Food - Bowling for Angels Logos

    Project Angel Food was looking for a 60s - 70s themed logo for its Bowling for Angels event in 2007.
  • Mod Love

    An Etsy start-up focused on apparel and handbags needed a fresh look on their logo. I provided them with a new option and a potential print for fabric.
  • Modlove's original logo. There were some readability issues. Many thought the company was called "Madlove"
  • Updated logo and variant orientation.
  • Full pattern logo print.