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Logos for Kuppelkucker (youth site of the German Government), Max-Planck Society, Ernst Strüngmann Institute and many more
Travel makes you richer - travel blog
VARA Design
Ingenieurbüro Petrick
Cologne Vision - charity club
Andrea Petrick - Logopädin
Malermeister Müller
Smile Music
Christoph Gey Design
Deborah Gey - Fashion Design
Filmatelier Leipzig
Max Planck Brain Research
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squid water
Kuppel Kucker - Jugendseite des deutschen Bundestages
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PMC - Project Management & Consulting
Tango Argentino Cottbus Team
Ernst Strüngmann Institute Für Neurowissenschaften
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The Creative Heart - personal video project
Backpacker - Magazine
creative wisdom - personal calligraphic project
Death Wood - Fashion Design
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