Logofolio - Last Logo Update: Nov 18th, 2014
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Collection of logos designed for companies and brands from different industries and nations. Last update: Nov 18th, 2014
Collection of logotypes I made as freelance graphic designer and art director for companies from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, England, India, Italy, Montenegro, Russia, United States and Vietnam. 
I am used to be involved from the branding conceptualization to the high-endinding and visual identity design development. I work with different styles and technics, like lettering, typography manipulation, icon design and the most relevant of all: I love to create my own typefaces.
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Finally updated! I was experiencing some Behance platform issues on this project (It was really weird), but they fixed it! So... here I go again! So sorry for bothering you with some "fake" updates, but I was trying and trying to update it and devs team was working on it!

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