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  • 1.Status Present
    Logo for internet shop of presents and souvenirs with prices higher than the medium category.
  • 2.Hemmes
    High precision forged wheels.
  • 3.Blumau
    Logo for brand of expensive and natural handmade soap, oils and skin care means.
  • 4.Norwed
    Logo for construction company.
  • 5.Key to Health
    Logo for clinic
  • 6.Rocksroad
    Luxury forged wheels.
  • 7.Chelzac
    Logo for aluminium constructions factory
  • 8.Sailing Ship
  • 9.PitHit
    Logo for a mark of canned products of big variety
  • 10.Artplast
    Logo for window producer company the symbol of which was the butterfly.

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