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    The purest way a logo can be presented, back to fundamentals.
  • I have been working on a personal project and recently registered the domain name logomilk.com. The idea would be to eventually create 'yet another' logo gallery site. The usp with Logo Milk is that all logos submitted would be in black and white... in-fact the whole site would be monochromatic making it very distinct. I was just playing with the idea of showcasing logos in their purist form before web 2.0 or other effects entered the fray.

    I was also thinking about the 'K' being used as the avatar for Logo Milk. The letter K is known as 'black' in CMYK... and after all the site would be featuring monochromatic logos in their purist form.

    The exciting latest development is that I am partnering up with logopond to bring this idea to life.