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Logocollection 2009-2011
Brand Identities
Branding, Typography, Design
Logo collection for various clients, personal projects and competition proposals from 2009 to 2011.
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Titel: QuerdenkaClient: Kimberly Theis   / own word- and logomark   /   Germany
Titel: Mareike Guth
Client: MG  /  camerawoman  /  Germany
Titel: Lutz Drechsler
Client: LD   /   personal Logo   /   Germany
Titel: Karin Drechsler
Client: KD / personal Logo / Germany
Titel: Epting
Client: Torsten Epting   / joinery  / Germany
Titel: Nirvana
Client: AB   /   bed and breakfast   /   USA
Titel: Mantastic
Client: Personal Project   /   Germany
Titel: Black Tiger
Client: BT   /   teen rock-band   /   Germany
Titel: Mojo Milk
Client: MM   /   beverage  /   USA
Titel: Chocolate heals
Client: CH  /   non-profit, aid organization  /   USA
Titel: Surfing Santa Cruz
Client: SSC   /   surf school   /   USA
Titel: Booker
Client: Booker   /   ticket onlineservice   /   USA
Titel: 54 Grad
Client: 54 Grad   /   fashion brand  /   Germany
Titel: Hippo
Client: Hippo   /   clothing   /   USA
Titel: Cloud Practice
Client: CP   /   it solutions   /   USA
Titel: Covermind
Client: HI   /   coverband  /   Germany
Titel: Appenzeller
Client: Thorsten Appenzeller   /   finance & real estate   /   Germany
Titel: Arizona Arborist
Client: AA   /   tree experts /   USA
Titel: Save the tiny tiger
Client: STTT   /   non-profit, aid organization  /   USA
Titel: Urban Men
Client: Private project    /   Germany
Private project   /   Germany
Titel: Anna
Client: Private project   / Germany
Titel: Kosmetik KempfClient: Katja Hofmann   / cosmetic institution   / Germany
Titel: Man & WomanClient: Private project   / Germany
Titel: Chirurgie-MaintaunusClient: CMT   / surgery, medical center   / Germany
Titel: LemontreeClient: Private project  / Germany
Titel: BallonerinaClient: Silvia Lembke   / balloontwisting   / Germany