Logo pack

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  • Lion themed logos.
  • Left - Fuchomanía iOS app
    Right - Another lion themed logo, I sincerely forgot what it was for.
  • Logos for app developers, they went for the one on the right.
  • Left - IVO personal brand for an architect.
    Right - Bô high end salon.
  • Left - Sporting goods store, it started as a personal graphic for a t-shirt but they saw it and liked it enough to use as their logo.
    Right - Logo for environment protection company, I can show the icon but I can't name the company, as stated in the NDA, weird, right?
  • Left - Logo for a small school focused on software learning.
    Right - Logo for a company that produces cookies and bread and that kind of stuff.
  • Left - Logo for software development company.
    Right - Logo for law firm and a law magazine woned by them.
  • Left - Logo for some digital print shop.
    Right - Logo for some furniture design guys.
  • Logos for some radio shows.
  • Left - Logo for clothing brand.
    Right - Logo for a really high end spa, big house with a lake surrounded by huge trees, it's a pretty nice place.