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Logo for RetroSim
Semi-finalist team - ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal
Retrofit + Simulation + Monitoring = RetroSim
RetroSim is a semi-finalist team of the of the 3 rd edition Building Global Innovators competition. This is a competition within ISCTE-IUL and MIT Portugal (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative).http://mitportugal-iei.

"RetroSim is a web-based, software-as-a-serviceplatform that combines remote building monitoring, building energy simulations,and an optimization engine to produce complete building analysis and retrofitaction recommendation in a matter of minutes. "

Once all the work of the company will be around monitoring of buildings, I decided that this element had to be present in the logo.
 Second Version
Business cards
The colors in the color versions of the logo are inspired in energy and nature. 
Business card - Color Versions