•  Logo for Pratice
  • This project is consist of my logo Designs. Why i design it? It for my pratice, so i can be a better designer.

    p.s. Sorry for my bad english
  • L1M1T (Lingkup Ilmuwan Matematika Intelektual)
    Group of Math Faculty in Universitas Tanjung Pura, Pontianak

    Logo Explanation
    Red : The color of Math Faculty
    Brain Siluet : Symbol of Intellegent
    Arrow n Unlimited Symbol : Are the Symbol of Limit in Math
  • Pencil Town

    Logo Explanation :
    - Color : Consist of pencil color
    - Shape : Siluet of Big Building that shaped like pencil
    - Overall the logo is 100% explain the name of this stasionary, "Pencil To"
  • Ultima (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) RO
    Online Game Private Server

    Logo Explanation:
    - Shape : it came from square that in UMN logo that i connect. The sharp shape is represent a strong rules in this server but it's also fun to play. The shape also represent a big bang or an ultimate skill.
    - Color : The color is from UMN logo Blue. There are 4 different Blue colors. It represent the 4 faculty in UMN. It mean every students of UMN can play in this Server.
  • Stand Up Comedy UMN (SUCUN)
    University Comedy Club

    Logo Explanation:
    - Color : Blue, represent of UMN.
    - 10 boxes : The ten boxes is taken from UMN Logo. The ten boxes are located in lower place in logo reprenset the foundation of this Club is UMN.
    - Siluet of Microphone : Represent of Stand Up Comedy.
    - Smiley Emoticon : Represent this Club is make everybody Smile.