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A collection of identity/logo design projects completed during the years 2010-2012.
Name: Nebozhito
Description: Nebozhito Agriculture Company is one of the largest leading importers and distributors of quality consumer products (food and non foods) and bakery ingredients.
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Name: Adamant Investments
Description: Independent investment house
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Name: Kupiku
Description: А deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at your city
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Name: Belarus Standart
Description: Alcohol Quality Sign for Belarusian Government
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Name: Rancho Master 
Description: Horse riding centre
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Description: One of the most wonderful Ukrainian young singers
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Name: Fabrika Veselia
Description: Young, full of strength and ideas a command with experience in the organization
of holidays for children and adults in Kiev and across Ukraine.
Name: Gourmet Photostudio
Description: Professional photostudio, specialization in food photography and food styling.
Name: Palazzo Theatre and Restaurant
Description: Unique combination of European-style show and fine dining
Name: Shevchuk & Partners
Description: Law firm
Name: Chernikoff Photostudio
Description: Professional photostudio
Name: InterBudInvest Ltd
Description: Сonstruction and investment company in Ukraine
Name: ZNAK (The Healthy Nation the Active Country)
Description: Ukrainian Public Organization
Name: Yakisna Voda
Client: Headshot Brand Development