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Bachelor's Project
Youth Symphony Orchestra "Slobojanskiy"
The main goal of this project is the creation of a logo for YSO"Slabojanskiy".It wasimportant for the logo to convey dedication, vitality and sentimentalism, whichpermeate the work of the orcestra.
The idea of theconcept was: "Music - order in chaos". This is why logo is composedof elements of musical instruments, which are used in symphony orchestra. Theplacement of those elements creates a dynamic feeling of musicality. Thechaotic placement of those elements is organized into a circle - symbol of anideal and harmony.
primary logo
Variations of symbol in inversion with the usage of color.
The main color scheme was black-white-turquoise.
This choice simultaneously highlights its classical and youthful components

Advertising poster for concert MSO "Slabojanskiy"
Advertising and souvenir poster
CD Cover