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  • Logo and identity design is something that I truly love. The research, strategy, and execution involved in the process of the perfect mark is all so interesting and rewarding. The following is a collection of logos I've created in the past few years.
  • A podcast and blog dedicated to all things Indianapolis Colts.
  • A boutique communicatons and branding firm in Dallas, Texas.
  • A startup dedicated to taking the "work" of out networking.
  • A redesigned logotype for Azure Magazine - concept
  • A startup dedicated to connecting families to their elderly loves ones.
  • A startup dedicated delivering healthy lunches to working professionals around Chicago.
  • A creative consultancy co-founded by David Goddard and Lauren O'Malley.
  • Nike Recycling - logo concept
  • Not Adam and Steve is a brand founded by notable Youtubers Will & RJ.
  • An independent hair salon in Dallas, Texas.
  • The cover for a book called the "Slab Serif Manual" written on the best practices of using slab serif typfaces.
  • A restaurant in Indianapolis located in the Indianapolis Museum of Art - concept
    A crest for an grilling event hosted by The Foundry.
  • A startup focused on networking opportunities for people who hate networking - concept
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