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One Dream

 Live Project - Internship @ Leaf Design , Mumbai
 Concept Logo
One Dream is a business under the Planet One Infra Pvt Ltd. It is a company that is a one stop-solution to build-design-engineer spaces (their target being villas)

1. The look and feel that should be induced is that we are Architects, and not developers.
2. Focus is on design, where simplicity is the key making complex hassles of building a home taken away through collaborating with One Dream.
Planet One

Live Project - Internship @ Leaf Design , Mumbai
Concept Logo
Planet 3 Studios & One Group have a joint venture, called as PlanetOne Infra Pvt Ltd. They are into defining the infrastructure space through design led- construction adhering to quality, time and engineering. They are spinning off a business division called One Dream (subjective to change) and in the near future, scalable to various other businesses

Design Constraints:

1. To not make it look like other Property Developers. 
2. Focus on design-led as their core value.
3. Ability to adapt/scale (parent group) to a wide range of businesses in the near future.

 Chai Break ( a cafeteria at Edelweiss - Mumbai)

 Live Project - Internship @ Leaf Design
Approved Logo
Edelweiss decided to brand its café experience at Edelweiss House, requiring an identity that would marry the innovative DNA of the company with an expressive and engaging visual language.

The design is inspired by the Edelweiss culture of “ideas create, values protect” to create a space that served as a springboard of ideas by encouraging interaction and self-expression. Humanizing imagination, fantasy and humour while playing with subdued browns, we created a cohesive theme and look that subtly reflected the culture – across the cafe environment. Bold icons, blurbs, rhetoric questions and quick statements, all came together to ignite conversations, engage minds and express moods: and all the while staying true to the value ethos of Edelweiss in a light-hearted environment .         click here to see the cafe
Seva Sangam

Live Project - Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Concept Logo

Two hands and an unending circle. The hands stand for the two elements of Seva- Kruti and Vrutti. The hand with fingers pointing down is the symbol of action or Kruti. It symbolizes the selfless deeds done for others. The other hand with fingers pointing towards the sky is the symbol of Vrutti or the feeling of well being of others, blessings for others. The amalgamation of the two is the unending circle of seva bhav.
Divine Touch

Live Project - ISKCON ( International Society for Krishna Consciousness)
Concept Logo
The divine touch is a moment that gives meaning to every moment that was andevery moment that would be. The logo where two hads meet in the shape of a ame,symbolise the culmination of illumination, and this illuminations begins with thedivine touch. The logo is a frozen farme in time and space where the seeker andthe giver become inseperable, when there remains nothing to be seeked and allthat remains is the realization of oneness.
Twisted Studios
This classroom project aims at designing a Visual Brand Identity for Twisted studios, Twisted studios is a new start-up animation studio, they want their identity to symbolize for "Dynamism" of animation, "Fun"involved in making it, with a "Fresh" thinking.