A Collection of Logo Designs

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    A Collection of Logo Designs
  • "Bem Vindo" means welcome in portuguese and is a trendy home decor store similar to Ikea
  • TIP stands for Teaching Intimate Protection and is an organization promoting safe sex practices on college campuses¬†
  • Nebula, Inc. is a space friendly company sending travelers on a unique journey in space
  • Gestalt is a playground design company creating safe and unique interactive large scale toys
  • Wild Child Counseling LLC is a counseling center focused on helping children and teens struggling with LGBTQIQ issues

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  • Portal is a public transit system based out of Buenos Aires

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  • One Rice is a food producer of rice geared to the everyday person looking for a quick creative meal

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  • Chicanerie is a fun after 5 cocktails place for someone looking to spice things up

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  • Community is a non-profit organization promoting a better community through a better self

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