Logo Design Process For A Company Specializing In Taxes

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  • Logo design process 
    Assets Claim Corporation reunites individuals, estate heirs, corporate, and non-profits with their unclaimed assets which they often do not know belong to them. They hired us to create a solid  
    Research in the industry 
  • Sketching 
  • Rendering
    Here we have some vectorized ideas, not color yet. we were just testing some shapes. We thought it could be great to draw the company initials using the same path MAC, but if you see the sketches at the beginning we were having some difficulties trying to represent the C using the same shape used at the M and A letters, but after some work finally we achieved our goal.
  • Concept Characteristics
    Finally we have four semi curved arches, it is clear these letters are not regular typos, the idea was to create a solid, unique and professional concept. The arches are increasing their height from left to right. This is visual resource used to represent progress, getting bigger, stronger, prosperity, etc,
  • Typography test
  • Color combinations 
    Some of them are over saturated, but this visual exercise is important to view the logo in all of its possible contrasting combinations. Some color combinations were created based on the American flag.Personally, I think red and grey is a great option. It is really strong, corporateand it has a direct connection with the American flag.
  • Final Logo
    This was my proposal sent to the client,  there wasn’t any change or  suggested by the client. He just love it