Branding & Identities Collection

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  • Branding & Identities Collection.
    A collection of logos I've created over the years. 
  • JoinUp: Collaborative platform providing better eGovernment interoperability in the EU.
  • Erasmus: European student exchange programme.
  • Horizon 2020: Research funding programme of the European Union.
  • Do The Right Mix: Campaign promoting the use of mixed transport means in urban areas.
  • Massage Me: Massage salon.
  • Impact: Campaign to explain to young people the impact their food choices can have on the environment. 
  • Belgoview: A news page presenting European news with a Belgian point of view.
  • TM: My very own logo.
  • Le Lift Des Marolles: A restaurant located just beside a famous outdoor elevator (lift) in the central district of Brussels.
  • b-accessible: the European Union Accessible Cities Award,  for cities who provide good access to disabled people.
  • Analog Devices: A DJ.
  • Aloha Films: A film director.
  • iFood: A digital company.
  • Rubens: A real estate developer.
  • Vins d'Alsace: Wine from the Alsace region in France
  • Creatifs Culturels: A cultural association focused on sustainability.
  • Ars Varia: An artist association
  • Josza Gallery: An art gallery
  • Europe: A campaign promoting tourism in the EU.
  • H2O: A logo for a consortium of corporate communication agencies.
    BSE: Brussels Sustainable Economy, a subsidiary of the Brussels Regional Authority.
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