• Loft Investments
    Identity, Stationery & Website
    Loft Investments is an exclusive holding company with many years of experience constructing new financial products, better suited for the future than the conventional counterparts.
    Loft approached us to design their new visual identity and website. In a highly conservative market Loft needed an identity that, with subtle quirkiness, would separate them from the bulk without scaring anyone off. The logotype was designed in a constructed manner corresponding with the nature of Loft’s approach when developing new products. A bold graphical approach, with bright colours, strong typography and use of info graphics, was chosen in order to establish a feel of trust and illustrate the steady hands (or analytic minds) of the individuals steering the company. The business cards were duplexed and foil-blocked and the red front sheet was overprinted with PMS 1795 to give it just the right tint of red. The logotype was foiled on the back of the card, which had to be punch cut because of the precision required by the square grid on the front of the cards.
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