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    Maltín Polar - Branding.
    Agencia : DRAFTFCB.
    Redactor: Jorge Romero.
    Director arte: Lorena Lozada, Giordiana Gutiérrez y Octavio Montiel.
    Director creativo: Enrique Peña.
    Maltín Polar's one of the biggest and most traditional brands of Venezuela. Holding over 90% of the category's market share, it's a family oriented brand with a juvenile essence. Maltín diversifies its messages over three different platforms: flavor, energy and fun. Deeply involved in Venezuela's sports development, Maltín sponsors almost every professionally-played discipline in the country.

    Here's a small (not bragging, it's really a demanding client) sample of our work over the past half-year.
  • Comercial Béisbol: Patrocinador oficial de LQNG. (2012)
  • Comercial Béisbol: Clásico Mundial Béisbol. (2013)
  • Comercial Navidad: Luces LQNG. (2012)
  • Prints. (2012 - 2013)
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