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    This poster design was a response to the 2007 Philadelphia Museum of Art Collab Competition for which it won second place. The competition called for a mapping of design since the 1920's and it's relevance to culture. The following paragraph was submitted on the poster to describe the proposed gallery space and the relationship between the design and the user:

    We live in a culture that demands immediacy. Our access to relevant information needs to be communicated quickly and easily. This proposal transmits through a medium, which is one of the most simple and direct forms of communication available today, the Post-it note. This proposal is a gallery experience that is built around the inherent qualities of this communication method.

    The exhibition gives gallery viewers the opportunity to participate in the design of the show by posting their design comments directly on the objects.The Post-it notes are later collected and mapped to reveal patterns that emerge from the participant's comments.

    The result is a gallery that is rearranged monthly by design's most important attribute, the relationship between the object and it's users.