Little story "Robert the Wolf and his Autumn"

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  • The story "Robert the Wolf and his Autumn".
    Fabric collage and embroidery.
  • The inscription on the Russian: "Robert the Wolf and his Autumn"
  • The inscription on the Russian: "Robert so much loves Autumn — the smell of dry grass, piercing wind and heavy blue-gray clouds".
  • "Robert often comes on cold and empty coast, sits down on wet grass and looks on the sea".
  • "Robert has kind friend which lives in the house near a lake. Robert is going to invite him soon for a walk and rejoice to the forest".
  • "Friends didn't notice became grow dark. Snow began to fall. They definitively frozen and ran to the light in the window to ask about hot tea to get warm".
  • "Bye! See you later in winter!
    "Write me letters!"