• Little Spines, 2012 RMIT Creative Writing Anthology.

    A collaboration project with the 2012 third year Creative Writing students of RMIT. Little Spines is their annual publication containing stories that are a depiction of physical and emotional strength through engaging the concepts of strength, flow, hope, isolation and fragility.

    In the process of being a student finding out the essentials of what you want to become, what you already are, and creating the blueprint of yourself and cooperating with others as different letters in a machinery. As a blueprint of different minds and personalities within the medium you use, I chose to create a concept with elements from the type writer and work drawings throughout the book, as a subtle legitimate style.

  • Typesetting for poetry
  • Typesetting for novels
  • ¬†¬†escalating page numbers, makes it look like the numbers are typed in as you flick through the book