Little Spines

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  • 2012 RMIT Creative Writing Anthology, Little Spines

    A collaboration project with the 2012 third year Creative Writing students of RMIT. Little Spines is their yearly publication containing stories that are not a depiction of weakness, but rather a physical and emotional strength through engaging the concepts of strength, flow, hope, isolation and fragility.

    The chosen name Little Spines reflects the structure of a human spine, a backbone that acts as a structure for all around it, yet the impact of anything, positive or negative, can change the way that the spine functions. The pattern placed throughout the book is a base element that ties in all the underlying conceptual themes outlined within the writing. The interconnected, complex and detailed structure allows the individual squares to be a constituent component. They stand on their own, yet when placed together become stronger and are able to flow collectively, finding simplicity as the components move and grow.
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