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Packaging for The Little Red Book of gratitude and an introduction to my mascot ThankHugh.
Little Red Book of Gratitude
Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design
The Little Red Book of Gratitude was made as a part of a bigger project for my first year at Westerdals School of Communication. The task was to create fictional characters, mascots, that in some way had virtues or vices that we felt we, the students, lacked in life or wanted to obtain. They were the "products" in which we designed around when learning different aspects of graphic design, such as visual identity, packaging, branding etc.

My mascot was the personification of gratitude. His name is ThankHugh an he is the kind of creature that takes time to stop and smell the flowers, and listen to the rain. He’ll jump in rain ponds, make igloos and snow angles. He thinks the world is a fascinating place and he is grateful to be a huge part of it. His problem however is getting people to show their gratefulness, so I made him the dictator of gratitude. He doesn't want you vote, your money or your time. He doesn't enforce laws or punish you for your mistakes, he has only one strict demand and that is that you always always always say your "thank you's" and allow your loved ones to see and feel your appreciation.

The Little Red Book of Gratitude is a little notebook where you can write down your thoughts, doodle and remind yourself of different reasons why you're grateful. It is also filled with inspirational quotes from great men and women in history who have accomplished great things and encouraged others to follow in their footsteps.
The box contains The Little Red Book, a signed photograph of Thankhugh and legal letter from ThankHugh himself explaining why he's not for sale as an action doll.

 This is ThankHugh seen on his balcony, tears in eyes and overly joyous that you're here, a smarty wanting to join his thankyou party!