Little Monsters

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  • Little Monsters!
  • Who says a diet of monster movies and comic books rot your brains?!
    All those years spent drawing monsters during Maths and French finally pay dividends!
  • For the Little Monster in your life!
  • Detail from the All over print.
    The Winged Demon was deemed to 'Demonic" so I had to clip his wings and de-horn him.... shame,  he was my favourite!
  • The new, less "Demonic" ... "Scary Hairy Monster"!
  • A newer, friendlier, less monstrous AOP design, using some elements of the above design.
    While I prefer elements of the initial design, I think this version has a better balance visually.
  • The finished product, strong, bold colour scheme, with less detailed designs, not always a bad thing when it comes to printing on some fabrics, as they can bleed a little