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Logo Design EP cover artwork and photography Single cover artwork Three custom illustrated tshirt designs Music video title screen
After their first EP landed them a spot on a record label and invites to multiple music festivals, Little Legend came back for seconds...and got the works! 
Logo Design
EP cover artwork and photography
Single cover artwork
Three custom tshirt designs
Music video title screen
The Problem
After the success of their first release, Little Legend wanted to keep their momentum going by maintaining their brand and extending their online presence and merch sales with carefully crafted imagery.

"No Way To Tell" is a story about a man "restless about life direction and dissatisfied with the wages of his boyish ambitions....the record in its entirety paints a picture of the lowly dirtbag. It sings his praises and pities his condition."
The Solution
When I first met with the band about this album, they had a vivid idea of what this ficitonal man's life looked like. Everything from the clothes he wore to his daily schedule and his sense of nostalgia for the simple joys that free time could afford—fishing, baseball, and cruising around on his bike with his babe before he hit the bars. But his reality is working overtime, hitting the bars and feeling trapped in a dead-end life. We brainstormed together and I proposed featuring a mechanic's workbench covered in a collage of items that give insight into his memories and longings.
With a story this rich, it was not hard to bring this imagery to life. For the EP cover, I scouted a spot to shoot the workbench scene, and the band supplied an assortment of items to flesh out the story. The artwork for the Single cover emphasizes how he is trapped in multiple dimensions—a battered timesheet serves as a jail cell for their song entitled "Bailout."

As an alternate concept for the EP cover, I created a custom illustration that weaves in elements from each of the songs on the EP, and tells his story as through a pinball game. (As all pinball machines are themed around a different story, using this old bar game seemed like a natural canvas.) An extra bit of meaning is seen in how the "flippers" are arranged at the bottom of the game; they are pointing down, which would allow the ball to drop and lose the game unless he steps in and launches the ball back into play.

In the end, the band was split 50/50 on the EP cover concepts, so we made the pinball artwork into a tshirt design. The grungy realism of the photographed cover seemed a better fit to tell this man's story, and meshed well with the location and atmosphere of their music video.
The Result
This album was released July 2, 2013. We eagerly await feedback...please share yours below!
Production and co-direction by Shelby Copeland  •  Camera and co-direction by Celeste Robert