Lisbon Graphic Experience

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  • Lisbon Graphic Experience
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    Lisbon Graphic Experience appears as an answer to exercise two of Editorial Design II subject, which proposed the creation of a unusual touristic city guide. This editorial product is the outcome of wandering around Lisbon, with a keen eye looking for pictures and publications that are additional . For this collection were considered postcards, posters, flyers, catalogs and magazines, in where we could find visual information about Lisbon's patrimony and lifestyle.
    The information was being gathered along the places, always trying to get the most peculiar artistic interpretation of the themes, according to the photographic, graphic and textual data.
    In most cases, the representative images are postcards, which are not related at all with the theme in question, which, along with the analogic photos, send us back to the city's experience on that day.
    July 2013