Linn Park Event Center & Hotel

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  • Fourth Year Interior Architecture Studio
    Professor: Kevin Moore
    Duration: 10 weeks
    Location: Birmingham, AL
    Type: Adaptive-Reuse
  • Aerial photo of Birmingham. Existing Board of Education building and parking deck highlighted in orange with Linn Park to the north.
  • Existing Board of Education Building from the entry of Linn Park.
  • Proposed schematic section for a new hotel, residence, and retail development adjacent to the renovated Board of Education building.
  • Front facade of the existing structure with additions: The existing facade system is to be replaced with a full-height curtain wall. This addition combined with a strategic lighting scheme on the interior provides an impressive level of transparency.
  • To counter the transparency when events are not scheduled, curtains are drawn on the ground floor and at the edge of the mezzanine.
  • Curtain Configuration 1: Both curtains are spooled as architectural elements, therefore allowing the entire ground floor to serve one event.
  • Curtain Configuration 2: A sheer curtain creates two unique spaces but maintains visual transmission from one space to another.
  • Curtain Configuration 3: An acoustic curtain is drawn for sound attenuation, but also eliminates visual transmission. This configuration provides the greatest amount of privacy between the two spaces.
  • Interior elevation of the mezzaine curtains.
  • Ground Floor Plan & Mezzanine Plan.