Line Drawings from the Past

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  • Line Drawings from the Past
    Historic Kootenays and more.....
  • I'm in the process of preparing for a move after eighteen years as a Cortes Island resident.  This upcoming move has precipitated a review of my art career which now spans more than forty years.  As I come across files, binders, slides and actual artwork this re-examination is proving a valuable experience.  I already anticipate a change in how I approach my work as I'll have somewhat less studio space and I plan to stop doing larger acrylics. Rediscovering my old pen and ink drawings was another pleasant surprise.  They are strong images, with a good interplay between the lights and darks and mid-tones.  I really enjoy working with ink, pen and brush so this is a refreshing idea.  I've also included one pencil sketch from the same era that was part of an illustrated magazine article I wrote.  I'd love to do pen and ink plein air, maybe with watercolour.  I'm looking forward to the adventure of a new location and new vistas to creatively interpret.