Lindt Chocolate - Print Ad

  • 1949
  • 15
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  • Using a few sentences or short paragraphs, you must position Lindt as a sophisticated, high quality, higher price chocolate.  It should be poetic, seductive, emotive copy designed to create an emotional response in the reader.

    Currently, Lindt’s competitors in the Australian market (particularly Cadbury and Nestle) have moved to position themselves as fun and frivolous. There is an opportunity for Lindt to brand itself as something much more classy and sensual. However, there is not a strong, single-minded  image-based  advertisement that positions Lindt as a brand along these lines.

    To create a strong, sexy brand image for Lindt Chocolate amongst the target market.  To increase brand awareness among the target market by 60% over 6 months.

    Women 25-40.  Secondary and tertiary education. Medium to high income. High disposable income. Professionals. Sensual. Indulgent. Like to treat and pamper themselves and don’t’ mind paying a little extra for quality.

    “The most seductive chocolate”

    Sexy, classy, indulgent, seductive - NB not sleazy.

    The brief for this creative stated that Lindt had found itself as the last remaining ‘premium’ chocolate brand with Cadbury and Nestle as its only competitors. To support Lindt’s positioning of its products as an elegant and indulgent luxury a simple, traditional creative was devised.

    Targeted at the 25-40 year-old female demographic, the concept focuses on some of Lindt’s most recognisable attributes of prestige, pleasure, quality and its Swiss origins.