Linda Corporative Identity

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  • Linda corporative Identity
    This is a personal project specially developed to me, early in the year 2010 to a very special person too.

    LINDA means pretty, beautiful in Portuguese and it is a brand developed for Michele Pampanin, who holds all their copyrights.
    I tried to put the whole personality and all that the 'client' is and represents through a strong tea brand.
    My sources of inspiration and the development of work you can see immediately below, as well as links to sites where it was featured.

    Any kind of comment and criticism are very welcome, feel free to praise too.

    I hope you enjoy the work :)
  • Linda corporative identity
  • Primary geometrical grid
  • Circular grid insertion
  • Final typography execution
  • ┬áDetails of typography grid construction
  • Details of typography insertion on the main logo structure, the blazon
  • Circular grid insertions details on the blazon
  • This circular grid is a simplified version of the final grid, to show more clearly the step-by-step construction of the logo.
  • P&B negative Linda logo aplication
  • Grayscale Linda logo aplication
  • P&B positive Linda logo aplication (i love this version)
  • Here are some reference sources of inspiration for conceptualizing the logo and choosing the color palette. The main values to be evidenviados was sophistication, elegance, delicacy.
  • Final color palette on black and on white
  • Final Linda corporative work aplication, in collors
  • Digital aplication of the Linda corporative identity
  • Print and conceptual aplication of the Linda corporative identity