Light installations - Lightning design

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  • L i g h t    i n s t a l l a t i o n s

    L i g h t n i n g   d e s i g n

    these works a r e made especially for the location. 
    s o m e  ar  build  a n d  permanent i n s t a l l e d .
    all  are made with tube l i g h t s attached with foil 
    in different colors,  t o  give the right combination. 
    most o f them gives a quite normal  w h i t e  light.

  • lightinstallation // 2011 // HAL12, Musicon, Roskilde, DK // 18 tube lights  foil  wood // 5x2 Mpermanent installed, 10th of june 2011
  • through light // 2011 // on display at Roskilde Kommune, DK // 110x700 cm // 20 tube lights with foil
  • light E4 // 2010 // 0.40x1.25 m // 4 tube ligths with foil
  • industrial // 2008 // 1.30x1x3,5 M // water, tube light, acrylic boxes